From the render in 3D we could see exactly how a suggested idea would turn out on the popcorn tub. What you initially think will look good, does not necessarily have the desired effect when you view the tub from all perspectives. Each phase entailed some changes until we reached the final result.

Eight decision makers from our various departments have been involved in the artwork design process and it took only three weeks to go from start to finish for the re-design and less than six weeks for the new project. Working with TurnAvisual saves a lot of time and speeds up our time-to-market.

The 3D software tool has been the key to our successful artwork design projects. I warmly recommend it to anyone working with the graphic part of packaging.

Food Products International
Valentina Vezzoli, Marketing Manager

As a start up manufacturer with a new type of product we find the TurnAvisual service invaluable. As well as being used as a visual aid to design we have integrated it into our core design processes in such a way that we have reduced the number of personnel required to complete a project. We also use the service for sales presentations where we can show potential customer how our product would look with their branding in a way that is both visually and cost effective.

I can say for certain that we would not have achieved so much in a short space of time if it had not been for not only TurnAvisual product but also the flexible and friendly service provided by the team. I can see us being a customer for a long time to come.

Ian Robson, Managing Director

At Afa Dispensing Group we are using TurnAvisual for presentation of customer solutions in full 3D. It is a great marketing tool as it makes presentation more impressive – it allows customers to see how their product will look like with our packaging. It also speeds up the design process reducing time-to-market for our clients.

Afa Dispensing Group
Jeff Perron, Global Marketing Manager

As packaging designers, we are pleased to have a tool that can make our designs visually more attractive to our customers by showing the final result almost real life.

TurnAvisual will facilitate our daily rendering of heavy and complex packaging design tasks in the future, and give us more time for inspiration – saving time and money. BJÖRKLUND Design recommend TurnAvisual.

– a program all packaging designers must have.

Jan Bjørklund, Owner

RPC Superfos endorses TurnAvisual web shop
The idea of turning the artwork design process into a 100% digital new world cutting down the whole time-to-market process and saving remarkable resources at all ends made us join the development of the new TurnAvisual packaging web shop.
As packaging manufacturer we see a lot of potential in TurnAvisual, and we sincerely hope that the new tool will help bridge the gap between the various contributors to packaging development as well as speed up the process and save cost.
We welcome the vision to create a preferred place to meet for packaging manufacturers, brand owners and the designers when looking for new packaging, creating artwork, and new innovative packaging solutions.

RPC Superfos
Torben Noer, Product Design Manager

Kelsen Group will use 3D packaging solution from TurnAvisual, for both graphic and sales and marketing purposes.
We therefore recommend packaging manufactures to be present in the TurnAvisual E-shop with their range of packaging,
as this will add completely new features to clients and bring more business to packaging manufacturers.

Kelsen Group A/S
Erik Høj, Chief Commercial Officer