Necessity to contact company representative every single time with every minor thing is time consuming, inefficient and simply drowning for both you and your customers. Sticking to the old way of selling and service providing has 3 major negative effects on your B2B business.

In the age when Internet is as important as electricity or hot water many companies still refuse to implement online tools and technologies in their daily activity. They have websites and put their catalogs online. Yet when it comes to embracing new developments many companies remain quite hesitant. For example, they hold to the old way of selling via constant personal contact and making potential buyer reach out for them every single time. In TurnAvisual we are often exposed to the challenge that packaging manufacturers feel like they lose control over the sales process by giving customers access to a do-it-yourself 3D packaging mock-up solution. That, of course, is understandable but what if this “loss” of control supports your customer needs better?

Sales take time. Inefficient personal contacts waste it

Keeping constant control over sales process takes time and costs money. Even a big company with almost unlimited resources needs to prioritize tasks and potential buyers. This is meant to ensure maximum results with minimum efforts. So why to make potential customers send an email or call again and again if they want this or that service or, even worse, make them wait till somebody finally has time to reply? Count the time (in money equivalent) spent on every request and answer the question whether it is worth the hustle.

If you are one of those who prefer to meet with each and every customer and discuss all your services and prices over a phone or even email then imagine if banks followed your logic. What if banks wanted to remain constant personal contact with you? Would you be happy to go to the bank every time you need to pay a bill? To make sure you come within their office hours? Or to have a long conversation with sales representative just because bank wants to make sure you stay happy with their service when you simply need to take some cash to buy milk? Would you be glad with such service? No. Then why do you keep doing the same to your customers?

Your efforts increase time-to-market

Time is money and time-to-market means everything. Timely product launch can play bigger role than any marketing campaign. Every missed deadline increases costs and risk of a competitor stepping out to the market with similar product before you. Every time you make your customer wait for you to come for a visit, to send a sample or simply for your office hours to get necessary information about your offerings you are reducing the chance of successful product launch. What if packaging manufacturers, for examples, gave their customers and design agencies the ability to create digital mock-ups online within minutes instead of making them wait for weeks before physical mock-up is done? The loss of personal contact would have been compensated by added value to their service and time and money saved on making physical mock-ups and shipping. Yet many choose to stay personal at their own and their customers’ expense.

It is all about customer care

Not that many companies can claim that they have absolutely unique product which has never been seen before on the market. And even if they do, the chance of getting a competitor is very high. What then plays a distinguishing role in making purchase decision? Customer service. Ability to listen to customers, get feedback and adjust to their needs is what guarantees the success when products on the market can be very similar.

When customers do most of the research on their own before they contact a sales representative it is important that they can see benefits of cooperating with a company right away. Knowing that their supplier will be their strategic partner who ensures the fastest way to product release and ability to provide service 24/7 is what can significantly distinguish one company from another.

For instance, the idea of web-to-print service and digital print is to shorten the period between idea and final product. However, not all web-to-print service providers have an online 3D preview tool. How long would customers stay loyal to such company?

Maybe your customers do not complain but that is only because they do not know better. Yet.

More and more companies choose to step on the path of helping their customers to catch up with time to market by providing potential and current clients with profound information right on their website and ability to order online both products and services. Such companies rely on high quality of their products, ability to provide services 24/7, transparency and excellent customer experience that attract new buyers.

Which company are you? What if you become the last bank without netbank?

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