As some of you might know has released their Studio Viewer application for desktops. This application allows to check ZAE files in high resolution. Considering that 3D packaging mock-ups are made with TurnAvisual and have ZAE format as well we are glad to let you know that you can view them in new Esko application.

Esko Studio Viewer desktop application allows to view 3D packaging mock-ups in better quality than any PDF viewer can offer for now. This is a fast to install and very easy to use program with great visualisation possibility. What’s more it is absolutely free so click here and download it right away! It is available for both Windows and Mac.

esko studio viewer desktop application

Install the viewer according to instructions and you are ready to go! When you receive your design just click on the second link in the email.

TurnAvisual Email Esko 3D packaging mock-ups

The ZAE file will be downloaded automatically and marked with Studio Viewer logo. Now just open the file.

Click on the file in downloads folder

Wait couple of seconds till the viewer loads it.

Opening model in Studio viewer

Enjoy your 3D mock-up and review design you have made for possible mistakes.

mistakes in 3D packaging mock-ups made via TurnAvisual

And as always, you can continue viewing mock-ups made via TurnAvisual through Adobe Reader on your computer and Esko Studio Viewer app for mobile devices on your phone and tablet.

You can test it out yourself with the design we have already made for you. Just download it here and upload to packaging with ID 9332 to create a mock-up and check in Esko viewer.

3D packaging mock-up

Do not know how to make a mock-up with TurnAvisual? Then visit our help videos page and take a look at our 1 minute video tutorial. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, we are always glad to help you out!

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