TurnAvisual.com is a website and an online 3D platform where you can make 3D packaging mock-ups within only a few minutes. The quality of your mockup is already very high but if you follow some of our tips while using TurnAvisual your 3D mock-ups will look perfect.

  1. Use TurnAvisual templates. Always.

It does not matter if you know for sure how your design should look and all measurements are correct. You should always use TurnAvisual template. Template shows our 3D tool where different parts of design should go. Without it your design will be placed wrongly or even stretched. Moreover, most of 3D packaging models in TurnAvisual 3D library are approved by packaging manufacturers that produce them and therefore have exact measures which are available on a template. Each 3D packaging shape in TurnAvisual 3D library has a template attached and all templates are completely free.

template turnavisual 3D packaging design
  1. Let a text be a text.

If you want to place a text then let it be a text. It means that your text should not be converted to an image. In such way it will remain sharp and precise on a 3D packaging mock-up as well.

  1. Convert to CMYK colors.

If you color are set in RGB then it might show up on a 3D slightly differently. Therefore, make sure you always convert to CMYK.

CMYK 3D packaging mockup turnavisual


  1. Save design as PDF 1.3 for complicated cases.

In case your design colors still look differently and you cannot figure out why then save your design as PDF 1.3. This file format helps to preserve the colors and make them show up the way you have created them on your design. Using this format might also help in case you are using other programs then Adobe illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.

PDF 1.3 3D packaging mockups

To make sure you are doing everything right please visit our page with help videos. We have created several video tutorials which will show you how to use TurnAvisual step-by-step together with several additional videos that will help you to create your 3D mockup fast and easy. You can watch these videos here.

If even after using all our tips you still have difficulties with using TurnAvisual online 3D packaging tool then feel free to contact us. We are available via online chat on our website www.turnavisual.com and also contact page here.


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