TurnAvisual is always looking for the best way to help its customers to decrease time spent on the design making process. That is why TurnAvisual is cooperating with Augment. Augment app allows to view 3D packaging models made with TurnAvisual in augmented reality through a mobile device. Therefore, you can check the design for your packaging in 3D not only on the screen of your computer but also in the real world surrounding like shop or anything similar without any need to produce a physical mock-up.

Now the process of the “real world” check became even easier. Augment app got a new option that allows to “freeze” meaning to capture your current environment making it static. Thus you can come back to office and check packaging design or product placement together with your colleagues or customers right there whereas before you were able of only taking captures of your simulations or needed to take people involved with your to the site.

Watch video below to see how it works

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