TurnAvisual at Salon de Emballage in Paris 2014 introduced its brand new 3D mock-up solution targeting users working with ArtiosCAD files.

Since October 2012 TurnAvisual with huge success has been offering an online 3D mock-up solution for the packaging industry which makes it possible for packaging manufacturers, brand owners and designers to collaborate closely in their effort to speed up the design process so that time-to-market could be reduced significantly.

Within minutes after a file with an artwork has been uploaded to the website a mail with a 3D mock-up will be supplied and it is even possible to view the 3D in augmented reality from a mobile device.

Challenge has been that most of corrugated and folded carton packaging is made-to-fit which led to TurnAvisual being in need of a 3D model of each packaging to be able to support with its online 3D mock-up solution.

Now a new solution has been developed and presented at the exhibition in Paris which makes it possible for users of ArtiosCAD files to upload their 3D files directly to a folder connected to TurnAvisual 3D and from here designers now can work in fully 3D with the artwork and a 3D model ready in minutes after the 3D files have been uploaded to the folder by packaging manufacturer.

This cuts down time-to-market besides saving a lot of cost for both packaging manufacturers and brand owners and gives designers completely new opportunities in the creative process.



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