Company profile

TurnAvisual is a Danish company founded in 2012 offering a 24/7 online service for the packaging industry. It is a 3D online platform where brand owners, packaging manufacturers and designers can collaborate while creating new artwork for packaging. Designs are being uploaded to the website and within minutes you get an email with revolving 3D model of the packaging with your design on it. That makes it possible to go through the evaluation process in a fast, cheap and easy way instead of making decision based on flat files only or waiting for expensive physical mock-ups.

Thus TurnAvisual supports brand owners in their effort to reduce time-to-market. At the same time it is a new added value for a packaging manufacturer concerning the collaboration with brand owners in comparison to how it is done today.

Agents needed

This online solution is completely new and the business model has never been seen before. That is why TurnAvisual is looking for agents who are already established in the packaging industry, know manufacturers within all types of material and are able to approach these for selling in TurnAvisual concept.

Our main customer is packaging manufacturer as packaging manufacturer is the one who decides whether to display its packaging in TurnAvisual library giving existing and potential customers access to work with graphic development in 3D.


The concept is very easy to understand and it does not take long to train an agent in how to approach clients. And of course, TurnAvisual will support with online demos as well as physical participation in sales meeting when an agent has reached the stage of decision making and negotiation.

To better understand our concept you can check our help videos at our website, especially first three of them which will definitely allow you to get a clear understanding of how everything works.


If you are interested and would like to know more then contact Tatiana Karpenko at and we will come back to you as soon as possible.