Presented at Salon International Emballage, TurnAvisual is a Danish concept that will make packaging design easier and dramatically speed up the time-to-market for new products.

A brand owner decides to introduce a new variety of a well known product. How long will it take to get the packaging design ready? Four weeks, four months or even longer?

In the future it may well be a question of four days or even less before the product is ready to hit the shelves. TurnAvisual is a unique Danish concept that promises to change the packaging design process as we know it and dramatically speed up the time-to-market.

The new design solution will be presented at Salon International Emballage, the International Packaging Exhibition in Paris 19-22 November 2012. Using a web-based platform, it creates a combined meeting place and work space for brand owners, packaging manufacturers and graphic designers. TurnAvisual’s CEO Svend Aage Kirk explains:

“Today the packaging design process is still amazingly cumbersome. It involves a lot of telephone calls, printing and pasting of art work and sending samples back and forth via snail-mail. The art directors may use state-of-the-art digital tools, but in terms of speed nothing much has changed since the 1970‘s.”

“TurnAvisual is going to set up a 24/7 on-line connection between all parties involved. We will fast track the design process.”

TurnAvisual offers manufacturers to put their packaging solutions on display in an online 3D library. Within the library customers can browse and choose products, create a design and apply the art work to a revolving 3D-model. The model can then be shared online with anyone involved in the decision making.

TurnAvisual caught attention when the solution was first introduced at the Scanpack Fair in October 2012. The benefits for the brand owners are obvious: If you are operating in a market where time is of the essence, a shortcut to the product launch will mean an initial and distinct advantage.

However, TurnAvisual is also a very attractive solution to the packaging manufacturers and design agencies. Svend Aage Kirk describes it as “a win-win-win situation”: Designers, manufacturers and brand owners will profit equally.

“The art director will be able to work on the design when and where he pleases. Dummies will be rendered superfluous and even photo-quality packshots can be created in TurnAvisual. As for the packaging manufacturer, he gains access to a marketplace where customers from all over the world can browse and easily click their way to a supplier”, says Svend Aage Kirk.

He says a few manufacturers have expressed doubts about putting their products on display alongside their competitors’ designs.

“But being present in a busy marketplace can never be a disadvantage. It’s no different from having a stand at Salon International Emballage: I can’t think of any manufacturer who would stay away from a fair for fear of competition.”

Actually, TurnAvisual has been developed in close cooperation with the Danish packaging manufacturer RPC Superfos, who has now signed a three year contract with TurnAvisual.

“We see a lot of potential in TurnAvisual. We sincerely hope that the new tool will help bridge the gap between the various contributors to packaging development as well as speed up the process and save costs”, says Product Design Manager Torben Noer, RPC Superfos.

At the fair in Paris TurnAvisual will share a stand with RPC Superfos at Salon International Emballage stand no: 6 M 108.

For further information, please contact:

CEO Svend Aage Kirk
Mobile: + 45 26 24 34 77