TurnAvisual is a Danish concept that will make packaging design easier and bring new products to the shelves quickly and efficently.


It does not take many seconds to get a bright idea, but it can be a time consuming business to translate it into reality. All brands that needs to react swiftly to opportunities in the market (and which brands don’t?) are familiar with the challenge: How do you reduce the time-to-market as much as possible?


TurnAvisual is Danish webbased concept which promises to speed up the launching of new products. Through TurnAvisual the brand owner gets access to an online 3D library. In the library he may browse packaging solutions by producers from all over the world. As soon as the brand owner has chosen a packaging design, the Art Director can download the files and design the artwork. The finished artwork is uploaded to a revolving 3D model. The design is presented, adjusted and approved online.


TurnAvisual CEO Svend Aage Kirk explains:


“Today the packaging artwork process is still amazingly cumbersome. It involves a lot of telephone calls, printing and pasting of art work and sending samples back and forth via snail-mail. Introducing a new variety of a well known product can take months. With TurnAvisual the design can be ready in a few days, because everything is done online.”


TurnAvisual is open 24/7 across borders, time zones and national holidays. The more essential the time factor is to a brand, the bigger the gain from using TurnAvisual. One of the companies that have seen the advantages of using TurnAvisual is Kelsen Group A/S.


“Kelsen Group will use the solution for both graphic and sales and marketing purposes. We recommend all packaging manufacturers present their range of packaging in TurnAvisual. It will add completely new features to clients and bring more business to packaging manufacturers”, says Erik Høj, Chief Commercial Officer, Kelsen Group A/S.