After several months of preparation TurnAvisual was ready to meet its current and new potential customers at Interpack 2014 which is claimed to be the biggest trade fair in the world. This year, according to the official website of the exhibition, Interpack accommodated 2700 exhibitors together with 175000 visitors from more than 120 nations from all over the world. This provided a great opportunity for networking, learning new developments within the packaging industry and presenting TurnAvisual’s current and new upcoming solutions to wider public.


According to TurnAvisual’s technical manager Per Ravn, “it feels like financial pressure is leaving EU and interest to new visualization and innovation tools was easy to spot on every booth.” With more than 40 preplanned appointments combined with thousands exhibition visitors passing by every day TurnAvisual at Interpack got so busy that its staff was starting its work even before opening hours. Visitors got a chance to learn how the whole idea has appeared and what are the specific developments TurnAvisual can offer to different sectors of packaging industry. There were presented new cardboard and flexible foil solutions which were invented as a response to demands of the companies specializing in these types of packaging.


In other words visitors at TurnAvisual’s stand got the opportunity not only to simply see the way online 3D platform works but also got a deeper understanding of what it would mean for them in terms of turning the packaging artwork design process in DIY system and increasing involvement in the whole value chain. Considering that TurnAvisual is constantly in search for improvements which would make its platform even more comfortable and appealing to its users it can be said for sure that new developments are on their way and will be presented at coming up exhibitions.

If you did not manage to visit us during Interpack feel free to sign up for an online demo and we will help you to catch up.

You can also contact us if you have any questions.