TurnAvisual, launched in 2011, is an online 3D platform for packaging manufacturers, designers, and brand owners. Its goal is to reduce time-to-market by allowing anyone working with packaging design to develop his or her ideas in 3D within little time and without the need to download any 3D software or learn additional skills.

Webpac Digital Media Group has created iSalesToolkit and Webpackaging, the latter of which is an online platform for global packaging industry aimed at connecting packaging buyers with packaging suppliers.

TurnAvisual and Webpac quickly understood how many benefits their customers would gain if they decided to unite their efforts. The result of their collaboration began with the iSalesToolkit 3D packaging catalog which allows people not only to see packaging shapes in 3D but to visualise different designs on them as well.

iSalesToolkit 3D packaging catalog works both online and offline and allows users to

  • get their packaging exposed in 3D both on iSalesToolkit and TurnAvisual,
  • give potential customers a 360⁰ overview of the packaging, and
  • show 3D concepts with several designs to help sales teams present packaging in a more appealing way.

The possibility to take a look at packaging from different angles combined with the ability to check it out straight away with different designs allows customers  to take faster decisions and consequently increase the speed of the sales process.

Now packaging manufacturers can get

  • a packaging catalog on TurnAvisual with ability to check their own design in 3D,
  • an online 3D studio,
  • a 3D catalog on iSalesToolkit with packaging exposed  in TurnAvisual library as well.

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