The Danish design concept TurnAvisual was met with great interest at the Salon International Emballage in Paris. An attractive trial offer is now available until 31 December 2012.

There was no time to rest for the TurnAvisual staff at the Salon International Emballage in Paris. Customers crowded to get a glimpse of how packaging artwork design may be created in the near future.

TurnAvisual is unique Danish concept that promises to speed up the time-to-market process dramatically. Using the slogan ‘Join the Revolution’, TurnAvisual was presented at the same stand as RPC Superfos – a close collaborator and customer.

“The reception was overwhelming. The need for a smarter, faster and simpler design solution is clearly there. Now it is our job to prove that TurnAvisual can provide that solution”, says TurnAvisual’s CEO Svend Aage Kirk.

TurnAvisual sets up a 24/7 online connection between the brand owner, the packaging manufacturer and the graphic designer. The manufacturer puts his packaging solutions on display in an online 3D library. Within this library customers can browse and choose products, create a graphic design and apply the art work to a revolving 3D-model. Everything is done online and can be shared right away.

“Today the packaging artwork design may well take several weeks or even months. TurnAvisual makes it possible to create a design and get it approved in just a few days”, says Svend Aage Kirk.

From the Paris fair he brought home an extensive list of companies that wish to learn more about the advantages of TurnAvisual.

“We had rewarding talks with representatives from Promens, Jockey, FM Plast, Amcor and several other major manufacturers, all of which wanted to have closer look at our services. We also had some very interesting brand owners visiting our stand – Heinz, Waitrose, Dyrup, Bostik and Latteria Montello, just to mention af few.”

Many packaging industry manufacturers saw their chance to sign up for an exclusive trial offer: Get five packagings on display in TurnAvisual’s 3D library and test the concept, free of charge.

“The offer was meant as a one-off during the Paris fair. However, given the huge interest we have decided to make it available for the rest of 2012”, says Svend Aage Kirk.

To learn more about the exclusive trial offer or to learn more about TurnAvisual, please contact:

CEO Svend Aage Kirk
Mobile: + 45 26 24 34 77