Check your packaging artwork design in augmented reality

Would not that be wonderful if you could check how your packaging would look among competitors before making any single physical mock-up? Good news for you then as it is already possible! Esko has created a Studio Viewer  which makes it possible to view TurnAvisual 3D files on your mobile device no matter when or where you are. 3D files get saved in your own 3D library to which you have constant access.

Augmented reality


1. Open email from yor mobile device and download 3D file.*

2. Open downloaded file with Studio Viewer.

3. Enjoy your design!

Moreover, as soon as you get a file with a 3D packaging and your design on it, you can see how it would look in real life right away.


You only need to print out a tracker (piece of paper with special signs on it) and place it where you imagine your packaging would stand. Then press “AR” sign on the screen in your Studio Viewer app and watch the magic unfold! If you are not satisfied with what you saw then just make changes and get new 3D within only few minutes!

Esko Studio Viewer is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices and is absolutely FREE!

Get Studio Viewer on Google Play

Get Studio Viewer on the App Store

Read more about Esko Studio Viewer here.

Contact us if you need any help with viewing your 3D packaging shape in augmented reality.


*NOTE for Android users: if you see that first .txt file gets downloaded (like on picture 1) then just click the link once again and 3D .zae file will start its download.