How to open PDF and ZAE files


It has never been easier to get 3D versions of your 2D artwork design. All you need to do when you’ve received your 3D file, is to make sure that you use the right software to open your file. Luckily, the software is really simple to find – and 100 % free to use.

Shortly after uploading your 2D file, you will receive an email containing two 3D files (PDF and ZAE) of your artwork design. The PDF format is used when viewing your design on desktop or laptop computers, whilst the ZAE format makes it possible to see your 3D model on tablets and smartphones.

Some browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox) will not allow you to open the PDF file directly in your browser window. Therefore, you will have to download the file to your computer and open it locally.

3D apps for mobile devices

To open ZAE files from tablets or smartphones, you will have to install an app that can display 3D files on such devices.

In order to open the 3D design on iPhone / iPad, you will need ESKO Studio Viewer.

Download from iTunes here

To view the 3D design in augmented reality on Android or iOS devices, you will need the Augment app.

Download from Google play here

Download from iTunes here