Sustainable packaging can play one of the key roles in building a brand image. Concerns about environment are as high as ever and consumers become more conscious about what they buy and which materials products are made of.

Millennials are especially picky when it comes to this matter. Considering that, for example, in France they make a quarter of today’s population and half of active population by 2020(1), investing in research and development of sustainable packaging is a great move.

UK packaging consultancy and TurnAvisual partner ThePackHub has collated some interesting recent packaging innovations to help you keep you up-to-speed with the latest developments. The innovations are a selection from ThePackHub’s Innovation Zone database.

Sustainable pack made from leaves launched

German start-up Leaf Republic are introducing a new sustainable pack offering. The natural solution is made from leaves. Leaf Republic have spent about three years in research and prototyping but are now able to produce leaf-based packaging on a commercial basis and at scale. Their most recent production efforts are in the production of tableware and salad packaging.

sustainable packaging innovation

The raw material is imported from Latin America and Asia with production taking place in Germany. A special type of leaf is used that contains enough cellulose to be pressed into shape. It is also important that the leaf chosen is able to remain green after the drying process. The product is made of two outer layers of leaves, whilst the inner layer is made from cardboard, which is from waste that occurs when the leaves are processed. The pack is fully biodegradable within about 28 days.

Refillable deodorant reduces plastic usage by 96%

Switch Fresh is a start up with the vision of changing the way that consumers use deodorant. The company has come up with a design for a reusable and refillable deodorant bottle with replacement cartridges that come in a range of scents and sizes. Switch Fresh’s aim is to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging used in the personal care industry.

sustainable packaging innovations

The business claims that the use of replacement cartridges could reduce plastic usage by up to 96%. It is estimated that over a lifetime the average US consumer uses 800 deodorant bottles. Switch Fresh uses external gliders to help move the cartridges up and down allowing for two scents in one bottle. They are currently looking for funding to make the initiative a reality.

Recyclable shampoo bottles made with beach plastic launched

Procter & Gamble are partnering with waste management experts TerraCycle and Suez to collect post-consumer recycled plastic from beaches to be used for bottles of their leading Head & Shoulders shampoo brand. It is estimated that of the 300 million tons of virgin plastic produced globally per year, 43% is disposed of in landfills. Procter & Gamble’s aim is to introduce the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made from 25% beach plastic.

sustainable packaging innovations from beach plastic

The first 150,000 bottles will be available in France in the summer of 2017 making it the world’s largest production run of recyclable shampoo bottles made from beach plastic. TerraCycle’s role is to source the shipments of rigid plastics collected through various beach cleanup efforts. The project focuses on P&G’s long term objective of incorporating more post-consumer recycled content across their brands.

Sustainable Packaging Innovations | March 2017

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