To help you get the information you need as quickly as possible, this page contains answers to the questions we most commonly get asked.

We are a brand owner/designer and have our own 3D software, why should we go through TurnAvisual?
If the packaging you require is available in our library, then you don’t have to invest in a new 3D model. You can simply do your work through our automation engine. You only need to buy credits to use it.
We are a packaging manufacturer and have our own 3D software, so why should we use TurnAvisual?
The whole idea of using TurnAvisual is to give your clients access to creating the 3D without having to interrupt you or wait for you to have the time to serve them. Imagine how much time and money you would save if your client was able to go through 3-5 corrections in one day, without needing your involvement!
I need a pack-shot of my new packaging, but as it is transparent packaging, I need to show the content of the packaging too, is that possible?
Not yet, but is coming soon as a 24 hour service. Sign up for our newsletter and you will be kept informed about progress.
I have transparent packaging, can you make this too?
Not yet. The shape will be white at this stage, but it is in our development plan. Just sign up for our newsletter and you will be kept informed about progress.
We have our own software licenses; can we still use your system?
Unfortunately not. You have to use our automation engine to be able to make 3D mock-ups from packaging in our library, but maybe we can help you with this. Just send us an e-mail and we will respond ASAP.
Is it free to create an account?
Yes it is free, we just need your contact information to be able to send your work back to you.
How do I buy Credits?
Log in and go to your account. From here you can buy as many credits as you need for your work.
How much does it cost to use the 3D automation engine?
1 Credit = 1 upload, so every time you send a file to our automation engine to receive a revolving 3D back in your mailbox, we will charge you 1 Credit.
Why can't I see the 3D when I'm downloading it from the link in the mail I receive?
Some browsers will try to show the 3D file which they can't. Therefore, you have to download it to your own computer and from there open it with Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher which all support 3D PDF format.
I’m a packaging manufacturer and I’m interested in knowing more about TurnAvisual. How do I get more information
Great, just send an email to and we will come back to you right away.
I’m a packaging manufacturer and interested in TurnAvisual, but what do you need to be able to add my packaging to your website?
We need your 3D files, if you have any, if not …..
I don’t want to give my 3D files to TurnAvisual as I’m afraid they might be copied and misused, how do I avoid this risk?
We do understand. Go to this link, where you can buy cheap software from where you can convert your 3D files into collada files. These are good enough for us and mean all your confidential information will be hidden, so no risk.  
Can anyone download my 3D packaging?
No, your packaging is locked in our library. A designer can download the AI file, which shows him where to place his artwork. It is the same method you use today if a client were to ask for it.
I need to show our main product ranges to clients, so they can decide whether to use our packaging. What do I do?
When we upload your packaging to our library we will also upload your main ranges. More ranges can be added for the same packaging if needed.
I don’t have a 3D model of my packaging, what do I do?
Don’t worry, we will create the 3D model needed for our library.
I already have my own 3D models, can you use these?
It all depends, but we probably have to adjust them to fit into our automation engine. Send us an e-mail and we will take action right away.  
I have customized packaging, which I don’t want to show to others. What do I do?
We can create a shop-in-shop solution for you to which only dedicated people have access.
I’m a brand owner with several suppliers, can I store my packaging in a secure area for us only?
Yes, we can create a shop-in-shop solution for your company and then you can tell all your suppliers to add your packaging to your company shop at TurnAvisual.
I need some 3D models of packaging, can you help me with these without having to add them to your library?
Yes, we can make 3D models for you in our own studio. Just send us an e-mail.  
We have our own 3D software. If we use TurnAvisual can we then afterwards import the 3D model into our own software and make further improvements from there?
No, unfortunately not as then you will need the 3D model too, which is locked in our library, but send us an e-mail, maybe we can help you with this.
I’m logged in but can’t upload my pdf to a preferred packaging?
That is because you need to buy credits, which you can do from your account.
I’ve bought company credits, how do I share these with my employees?
You have to create a common account from where credits can be used by everyone when uploading to our automation engine.
How do I get access to your automation mock-up engine service?
Just sign up for a free account to access our mock-up service. When you sign up, you will get 5 free credits, so you can use any packaging in our library. When these are used you have to buy more credits, unless you use the packaging in the library marked with "Free".
Why does some packaging have a blue Free symbol?
Packaging with a blue Free symbol does not require credits, so you can use these for free. It is paid by the packaging manufacturer who owns the packaging.
Why is my design incorrectly placed in the 3D file I get back from TurnAvisual?
First, you have to download the template for the specific packaging from TurnAvisual. Don't scale or modify the template; it must stay exactly as you received it (although you can re-name it). You will then have to create a new layer and place your design on that template. Save the file as a PDF and go back and upload it to TurnAvisual by searching the packaging you are using. In few minutes time, you will receive a mail with your artwork in 3D.
Why is the template wrong when it has been opened in Adobe Photoshop?
Adobe Photoshop has a standard setting which sometimes allows Photoshop to crop the template for a certain bounding box, which is not good as TurnAvisual uses the page format to ensure that your design ends up in place. Normally, it's the bounding box called Mediabox you have to use.
Can I add my design to the template directly from Acrobat?
We do not recommend to use Acrobat directly as your design might not be visible on the 3D model. Please, use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign instead.
Is there a limit of the file size that i can upload ?
Yes there is a limit of 32 MB. If you take all your pictures down to 72 dpi in Photoshop and relink normaly the files will be below 32 MB and run via the system without errors. As this is for watching on a screen and not on print this gives a fine resoult. ( work arround ).
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