TurnAvisual is now introducing a new feature, which makes it possible for all users to create “Private Libraries” at TurnAvisual.

With this new feature it is possible for you to have 3D shapes in your own library at TurnAvisual, which is only accessable to the people you invite.

You can also use the Private Library feature just to make your own collections of 3D shapes at TurnAvisual.

Examples of how you can use Private Libraries


1. Packaging Manufactures who makes customized packaging can share customized products with Brand Owners and their design agencies

A Packaging Manufacturer makes customized packaging for specific Brand Owners and wants to give the Brand Owner and their design agencies an exclusive access to these packaging through TurnAvisual – that is only exposing the 3D shapes to the invited users.

A. The Packaging Manufacturer can create a Private Library for each Brand Owner – adding both customized and standard products to the library.

B. The Packaging Manufacturer can invite the Brand Owners to their own Private Library, and thereby give the Brand Owner exclusive access to the customized products.

C. The Packaging Manufacturer can give the Brand Owner possibility to invite external design agencies access to the Private Library.

D. The Brand Owner can make new Private Libraries containing some or all of the customized products from The Packaging Manufacturers Private Library, and invite external partners to join these new Private Libraries.

2. Brand Owners can make Private Libraries with packaging from different Packaging Manufacturers – customized or standard packaging – and share these with the relevant design partners.

3. Designers / Design Agencies can make Private Libraries with all packaging for specific clients – across different Packaging Manufacturers – and share these Private libraries internally or with freelancers. 

It is very easy to create a Private Library, add packaging and share the library. Each user can have an unlimited number of Private Libraries without any costs at all.

Watch a short video introduction here (full screen view is recommended):