TurnAvisual gets acknowledged among the brand owners focusing on speeding up design process in the effort of reducing time-to-market as a critical success factor.

One of the latest cases is related to Food Products International S.r.l. which is an Italian branch of American Popz. Food Products International has used TurnAvisual which is also available from RPC Superfos online 3D studio in two projects. One of the projects was about the improvement of existing artwork. The other one was about launching the new popcorn range aimed for selling at the cinemas. Even though the decision to use RPC Superfos packaging was made in the very beginning the design for the packaging was not that easy to come up with. The 3D model made with the help of TurnAvisual showed that the initial design idea did not achieve the desired effect. As a result several redesigns were made with changes of colors and images before the design for new popcorn line was finalized. Every time TurnAvisual has been used as a 3D visualisation tool to check whether new packaging was able to communicate the product and Popz brand in a correct way. Packaging design made in 3D with the help of TurnAvisual was discussed with potential stakeholders through out the process. This allowed to reduce the time spent on the design significantly increasing speed-to-market.

You can read the whole story about RPC Superfos customer’s experience on RPC Superfos website here.

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