TurnAvisual is a new concept that promises to bring packaging manufacturers in touch with clients from all over the world – and 24 hours a day.


Today, when a company needs a suitable packaging for a new product, it takes a lot of research to find it. The company has to find potential suppliers, visit their individual websites and contact them by e-mail or telephone in order to make request for samples. And that is just the beginning. When the packaging is chosen, the Art Director has to wait for a sample to arrive, design the artwork and print, cut and paste it to produce a dummy.


What if the whole cumbersome process could be carried out online at one single site?


That is what the people behind the Danish website TurnAvisual asked themselves. Their response attracted attention when it was presented at Salon International Emballage in November: An online 3D library where the packaging producers put their packaging range on display- 24/7, across borders, time zones and national holidays.


“When the brand owner has browsed the library and picked a packaging solution, the design agency downloads the files and creates the artwork, which is then uploaded to TurnAvisual. The model can then be shared online with anyone involved in the decision making”, says TurnAvisual CEO Svend Aage Kirk.


The benefits for the brand owners are obvious. Today it can take months from the decision is made to launch a new variety till the product hits the shelves. Thanks to TurnAvisual the process is reduced to a few weeks or even days. However, TurnAvisual is also a very attractive solution to the packaging manufacturers, according to Svend Aage Kirk.


“TurnAvisual puts the packaging manufacturers in touch with clients all over the world. We offer an online window display, we handle the sales and we take care of the design agency. It is a huge advantage for the manufacturer.”


Actually, TurnAvisual has been developed in close cooperation with the Danish packaging manufacturer RPC Superfos, who has now signed a three year contract with TurnAvisual.


“We see a lot of potential in TurnAvisual. We sincerely hope that the new tool will help bridge the gap between the various contributors to packaging development as well as speed up the process and save costs”, says Product Design Manager Torben Noer,

RPC Superfos.


Until New Year TurnAvisual has an exclusive trial offer: Get five packagings on display in TurnAvisual’s 3D library and test the concept, free of charge.