Packaging in Augmented RealityTurnAvisual is working in close cooperation with Augment. Together they help to create your world in 3D with minimum effort and time spent.

With TurnAvisual and Augment there is no more need to make physical objects if you want to see how it all will eventually look like.

With the free Augment app you can view your 3D packaging in augmented reality in its actual size and at its intended point of sales.

In order to see your packaging in augmented reality you need to


1. Upload your zae file on Augment manager.
2. Download the free Augment app on your iPhone, iPad or Android.
3. Print Augment tracker and place your 3D model where you would like to see it.

Augment tracker is a special image that helps Augment app to put your 3D object at the right place and scale in augmented reality. You can find and read more about trackers here.


Watch the video below to see how it all works.

Read more about Augment at