You no longer have to wait for packaging samples in the mail or paste artwork on dummies. TurnAvisual takes the whole process online in 3D.


For decades the graphic designer’s most important tools have been digital ones. But when it comes to packaging artwork, the work process has changed amazingly little since the analogue 1970’s. You still spend a lot of time on the phone, waiting for samples to arrive in the mail, printing artwork and pasting it on dummies, which you present for the customer.


TurnAvisual is a new, webbased concept that renders the physical bits of the process superfluous. The concept offers a 3D packaging library, through which brand owners, packaging manufacturers and design agencies cooperate online. As soon as a company has chosen the packaging for a new product, the designer can download the files from the website. The artwork is designed in Photoshop and uploaded to a revolving 3D-model in TurnAvisual. From here it can be shared with anyone involved in the decision making, with no need for dummies any longer.


“We set up a 24/7-connection across borders, time zones and national holidays. The Art Director no longer needs to wait for the postman. She can work on the design when and where it suits her best”, says TurnAvisual’s CEO Svend Aage Kirk.


The are financial advantages for the design agency, too. TurnAvisual does not require a licence to a 3D software. You only pay a small amount for each packaging file you download. In the future even photo-quality packshots can be created in TurnAvisual.


The company Björklund Design is going to use TurnAvisual. The design agency expects the new tool to  provide a distinct visual advantage when artwork is presented for the customers.


“TurnAvisual will facilitate our daily rendering of heavy and complex packaging design tasks in the future, and give us more time for inspiration – saving time and money”, says Jan Björklund, Björklund Design.