Or What To Do When You Have No Samples


Is it easy to promote a  piece packaging? Regardless of the high quality and how amazing your product is customers are always so picky (sometimes way too picky) and in order to close a deal you need to differentiate your services from others. Your goal is to persuade them that their product would be safe in your packaging and would reach shelves of a shop and hopefully the consumer.

To add something special to your packaging you also need to prove that your customers’ products would look fabulous in this packaging (unlike any other) and demonstrate that choosing your company’s best-ever-in-quality-and-design packaging is the best decision they have ever made. To meet these requirements an incredible amount of work is done to prepare a meeting with a potential buyer. HOWEVER, even if you did your best it might suddenly appear that a customer likes your packaging but still has other alternatives. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have all 10 or 100 or even 1000 types of samples ready with all the information and possible designs available whenever you might need them.

Sounds like a tough job, even when a meeting with a potential customer is in-house. And what to do if you are travelling to your client? Or meet a buyer at an exhibition? What do you do then?

1. Get a 3D packaging catalog

3D packaging catalog was co-developed by TurnAvisual and Webpac Digital Media Group. It is a part of iSalesToolkit which is available online both on computers and even offline on mobile devices. With this 3D packaging catalog you can have 3D models of your packaging anywhere anytime together with all (literally ALL) additional documentation which might be needed.

Is not that amazing? Now, you do not need to have a truck of samples with you when you are going to meet with a customer. Even your smart phone is enough.

The wonders do not end here. You will not only manage to show a 3D model of a piece of packaging, you will also be able to swap  between several artwork designs on it as well! If you have a few minutes to prepare, then you can easily make a simple design with your clients’ logo or product and get a 3D model featuring it in a couple of minutes! Can it really be easier?

RPC Superfos is one of the Europe’s industry leaders within injection molding plastic packaging solutions with representatives all over the world. This led the company to the necessity of simplifying the sales process while providing the best possible service to customers. That is why RPC Superfos made a decision to get 3D catalog with as many 3D models available as possible to make sure that sales teams were equipped with all the necessary information, that they could do their best while showing customers the possibilities of RPC Superfos packaging, and introduce customers to the benefits of using their online, 3D mock-up, DIY studio.

2. Introduce your customers to your online 3D studio

Now that potential buyer has almost become a customer, it is important to show that they will keep being happy with the decision they are about to make regarding the purchase of your packaging. The easiest way to do that is to show how you can save them time and money.

Designing artwork for packaging is a very complex process with many stakeholders involved as the results have direct impact on sales. Even though boosting creativity is out of your area of concern (and probably capabilities as well) you can still help your customers significantly decrease time-to-market. You just need to provide them with a 3D mock-up whenever a change in design is made. The best part is that you will not even have to be involved in this process as online 3D studio from TurnAvisual has turned it into a do-it-yourself procedure.

All 3D models of packaging are displayed online with all their templates and technical data available 24/7. Your customers only need to create a free account and enjoy. They will not need to buy or download software or learn any new skills. You do not believe it is that easy? Then check this RPC Superfos online 3D studio video tutorial below which shows the entire process.

Your customers get a revolving 3D PDF file which they can easily view on any mobile device and share with their colleagues. This can dramatically increase speed-to-market. Helping your customers can also help you save your on time, material, transport and other costs necessary to handle a request for physical mock-ups. Just open a calculator on your phone and count how much you would save.

3. Get 3D on your website

With both a 3D studio and a 3D catalog you now have the option of adding 3D models of your range of packaging to your own website which will increase website visitor interest among those looking for new opportunities. You can get an animation of the 3D model of your packaging as well to make it speak for you on your website, presentation or at an exhibition. You can read more about packaging animation here.

TurnAvisual has different solutions for different types of packaging. Would you like to know more? Then contact us for more information!

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