Packaging exhibition is probably the best place to generate leads and sign contracts as this is where you meet your customers personally. While anticipating several packaging exhibitions coming soon, it is important that packaging manufacturers make sure their companies can get the best of them by following few simple recommendations.

1. Stand out in a smart way

advice on how to perform better at packaging exhibitions

A booth should be outstanding. But if a stand decoration has no relation to a product or is not aimed at making your potential or current customer feel tempted to stroll around a little bit longer then there is no point in spending money on it.

Suggestion: think of what would make your potential customers get interested in what you do and not just impress them.

2. Take a different approach to training your sales team

How to Make a Better Impression at Packaging Exhibitions

A sales team may know the whole packaging catalog by heart and it would still not be enough to make the sales process perfect. Potential buyers are constantly comparing which packaging could be the best for their product. Every member of a sales team should be able to do the same to show the knowledge of the market and to explain why this particular packaging is the best choice.

Suggestion: make sure your team has at least a thorough knowledge of your competitor’s packaging presented at the same exhibition.

3. Mobile Phone Policy

packaging exhibition Mobile phone policy

There is nothing worse than a person checking or playing with his phone during a meeting. Exhibition is a meeting as well just on a larger scale. Therefore, the rules of etiquette should be applied here too. There is no bigger mistake for a sales team whose members are focused on their phones instead of making a contact with a customer.

Suggestion: develop and implement mobile phone policy for your representatives.

4. Make sure you have all your samples with you!


Sounds impossible but nevertheless can be vital for closing a deal. Potential buyers should have a chance to take a look at any piece of packaging you have in your catalog. That is the main reason why they came to the exhibition. If you are a big company with wide range of packaging shapes then it can be a complicated task.

Suggestion: get an online 3D packaging studio. In such studio you can have hundreds of packaging pieces made in 3D. Apply your customer’s design on any of them and in few minutes you have a virtual 3D mock-up which you can show from any device and even in augmented reality. This makes 3D studio perfect for presentations and sales meetings. You can download a complete PDF guide about 3D packaging studios here.

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