Being a modern company groku Kunststoffe GmbH pays a lot of attention to product innovation and process optimization regularly investing in different areas of production. As a result two weeks ago at European Coatings Show groku Kunststoffe GmbH presented its new online 3D studio that has been developed by TurnAvisual. 3D studio was created in groku’s design with categorization of packaging shapes in three groups for more comfortable use.


Together with online 3D studio groku has got a 3D packaging catalog co-developed by TurnAvisual and Webpac Media Group. This catalog allows to present packaging in 3D with different designs on it. Thus groku sales teams are now able to have with them all the variety of available packaging shapes significantly increasing their chances for success by showing how customer’s brand and products would look like in groku’s packaging.


Below is the recording from the show of how 3D packaging catalog works


In other words groku has done everything to make its packaging as appealing as possible and its sales teams as efficient as ever.

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