Are you a packaging graphic designer who is working on an idea or a concept? You know what kind of design you would like to present and which type of packaging you would like to use. But how to make sure that your design is realistic? What if your packaging shape in mind is sophisticated and you do not have a template? Then check TurnAvisual 3D library.

TurnAvisual is an online 3D packaging visualisation tool which allows to check packaging graphical design in 3D within minutes without any 3D software download.

In our 3D library we have collected  hundreds of 3D packaging shapes available for use. For each of them we have created a packaging design template which is attached online to every 3D packaging model. All our packaging design templates are in a PDF format and free to use.

Free Packaging Design Templates for Realistic Presentations

In order to get access to them you only need to create an account which is free as well. Then find a packaging shape which resembles the one you need and download a template.

Most of our packaging shapes have been added by packaging manufacturers. That is why templates may contain measurements and any additional information important while creating packaging design.

many packaging design templates

Would you like to go a step further? Then use our template with your design to create a 3D model. Simply save your design in PDF and upload to TurnAvisual. In a few minutes you will get an email with a revolving 3D PDF file.

packaging design template 3D packaging

You will manage to view final 3D design not only from a PC but from any mobile device as well.

If you still have doubts on how it works, you can watch our tutorial video here.

There are many 3D packaging models marked with a “free” sign in TurnAvisual 3D library. That means you can use them to create 3D packaging mock-ups with zero costs.

free symbol 3D packaging design template

Ready to start? Create your free account here.

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