TurnAvisual is announcing the launch of its new free 3D design campaign. Every two weeks TurnAvisual chooses 4 different packaging shapes which become free to use during that time. The aim is to give the designers a better possibility to try out several designs on different types of packaging and in such a way to evaluate how easy it is to use TurnAvisual online 3D platform.

Just click on one of the pictures below and start enjoying the process of converting 2D design into a 3D model!

Free 3D Design CampaignFree 3D Design CampaignFree 3D Design CampaignFree 3D Design Campaign


You can use this tutorial as a help tool when you are working with TurnAvisual templates in Adobe Illustrator.

If you have any doubts concerning how to work with our 3D platform you can watch our tutorial videos.

You are also always welcome to contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions as we constantly looking for ways to develop and to make TurnAvisual even more convenient to use.