TurnAvisual is always trying to respond to customers’ feedback. Therefore, as a rapidly developing and highly innovative company TurnAvisual is constantly upgrading and looking for ways to fulfill all customers’ needs.

For example, TurnAvisual has got many comments from flexible packaging manufacturers. Their concern was about the fact that this type of packaging is different from the rigid one in a way that it is usually custom made to fit the filling. That would mean spending each time several days on creation of a new shape of flexible packaging in 3D each even it differs from the existing one by few millimeters only.

TurnAvisual has found a way which could be implemented and which would help to upgrade the traditional method of making 3D models in order to make its service more appealing to its customers.

Our research has shown that 80% of all flexible packaging forms come from the following 6 shapes


 TurnAvisual would make these shapes available from your website with an additional option to choose desired parameters. 3D model of this customized shape would be created within 24 hours. This shape would be added to the library and could be used again.

Main picture

In other words, this solution is offered as an integrated solution when packaging manufacturer is willing to have a 3D studio on its own website.

As it has been already said, TurnAvisual is always taking feedback from its customers into consideration and, therefore, we will be very glad to know your opinion about this solution so please feel free to visit contact us page and leave us your comments.

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