Flexible foil packaging manufacturers meet similar challenges as folded and corrugated carton ones. Their packaging is made-to-fit and, therefore, it is quite rare that two customers are asking for the same sizes. However, there are several flexible foil packaging shapes that are rather common. Such shapes as pillow bag, stand-up pouch, sachet and a few others are widely used by brand owners for different types of products. However, offering customers only these shapes would be quite limiting for the packaging manufacturers as then they would not manage to expose the whole variety of their assortment of packaging.

TurnAvisual, following demands and wishes of its customers, has created a double win solution for those manufacturers which produce flexible foil packaging. This solution consists of two main parts. First of all, TurnAvisual offers a standard range consisting of the following shapes

Types of flexible packaging

Customers can choose the size they need. If the shape with requested measurements is not available then it is possible to make it within 24 hours only. This shape with new measurements would be saved in stock and available for use in the future.


However, as it has been already said before, this range of shapes is far from representing all the packaging shapes in the market. Therefore, TurnAviusal gives an opportunity to expose customized shapes as well with the same ability to choose sizes.

These two components of flexible foil packaging solution from TurnAvisual allow packaging manufacturers to have all possible shapes in their online 3D studios and, of course, they can choose to implement only one of them.


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