Prices for using TurnAvisual to convert your design to 3D

  • You pay 1 credit every time you upload a design to TurnAvisual.
  • All packaging marked with “FREE” symbol can be used free of charge.

Credit packages

5 credits = 3.40 € per credit
25 credits = 3.00 € per credit
50 credits = 2.66 € per credit
100 credits = 2.33 € per credit
250 credits = 2.00 € per credit

You need to have an account and be logged in to buy credits.

How to convert your 2D artwork to a 3D packaging design

  1. Create a free account and log in.
  2. Find the packaging you need in our library. *
  3. Download the pdf design template.
  4. Add your design to the template in Illustrator, Photoshop or another design program.
  5. Save the design as pdf with all fonts embedded.
  6. Find the packaging in the library again.
  7. Upload your pdf template with the design.
  8. Wait 5-10 minutes and you will receive the design as a 3D PDF and as a ZAE file for smartphones and tablets. **

You can watch a video tutorial here.

In addition you can read more about this solution here.

* If we don’t have the packaging you need in our library, we can create it in just 5 days at a handling fee of 100 Euro per 3D model. NOTE! The minimum order is 500 Euro. The new 3D model remains the property of TurnAvisual.

** To learn how you open PDF and ZAE on your devices, read more about our 3D files here.