As an up-to-date and innovative company which priority is to make its service most comfortable in use for its customers TurnAvisual has come up with a corrugated carton/ cardboard solution. This solution would allow packaging manufacturers to have their own webshop created and hosted by TurnAvisual with all the existing standard range of packaging together with the opportunity to offer their customers the ability to order new models.

It became possible after TurnAvisual invented a way which would help to avoid the necessity to create a preliminary 3D model. Instead, those packaging manufacturers and printing companies which are using CAD drawings would manage to upload CAD files in a folder connected to TurnAvisual’s engine.


After that their customers will manage to upload their artwork directly to manufacturer’s webshop. As soon as design for the box is uploaded it will be possible to get a 3D model of a box with an artwork on it right from packaging manufacturer’s webshop powered by TurnAvisual.


In such a way carton packaging manufacturers would manage to offer their customers to choose among existing and new CAD designs of boxes they have. Customers would be able to apply their artwork to CAD design and after a few moments to get a pdf file with a 3D model of their box.

This corrugated carton/ cardboard solution is offered as a customized subsite solution for carton packaging manufacturers. On a website it may look like this

WebsiteFinal - Kopi2


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