Canmaking News is the leading online magazine for metal packaging which was developed for the market in October 2003. In their issue no. 103 from April 2013, they brought an article about TurnAvisual.

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A new 3D computerised design system from Denmark called TurnAvisual is being promoted as a new way of developing new designs for the packaging industry, from cartons to cans.

The company behind it, also called TurnAvisual, says its system is a new concept that makes design possible at a lower cost and within a fraction of the time normally spent creating artwork for product packaging.

It gives users an important competitive advantage in terms of time-to-market.

Svend Aage Kirk, CEO of TurnAvisual, told Canmaking News that two global canmaking companies are now trialing the system, but would not name them.

The TurnAvisual system involves a library of design templates, and the finished design output includes a 3D PDF file. “people really like our service as everyone can handle a pdf, and the speedof our service is surprising to everyone,” said Kirk.

TurnAvisual was developed due to the fact that design work, even with the use of 3D design tools, often ends with the slow expensive creation of a physical ‘mock-up’.

“The fact is that not that many designers or brand owners have bought the licenses needed to move into 3D (mock-up creation), as these are very expensive, and so most development ends up goingthe old fashion way as a 1:1 mock-up,” said Kirk. “The problem is that more new products are being introduced at a speed never seen before, so time-to-market means everything to a brand owner.

Physical mock-ups are expensive and time consuming so brand owners needs to move into 3D,” he said.

Danish packaging firm RPC Superfos has been central to the development of the new concept, and is working closely with TurnAvisual. RPC’s product design manager Torben Noer said it has huge potential: “The key benefit of working with our packaging in TurnAvisual is the immediate sharing of artwork ideas through the online platform.”

Download an example of the beer can design below in revolving 3D here

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