summer collections packaging design 2016Summer is coming to an end whether we want it or not and in less than a month it will officially be autumn (in Northern hemisphere at least). Through these month we have been enjoying all types of bright and colorful packaging brand owners came up with for their summer collections.

Our special attention caught several cosmetic brands which packaging has definitely produced great impression on anyone who saw it. Whether you are looking for inspiration for next summer already or simply want to catch up with what were the trends this year we suggest you take a look at three following summer collections by top cosmetic brands.

1. Rainforest of the Sea by Tarte Cosmetics

The name says it all. If you can imagine bright blue sea somewhere far away and the tropical beach with sand sparkling in the sun then you already get a feeling of what the packaging design for this summer Tarte collection Rainforest of the Sea looks like.

Prevailing blues, purples and golds create the best associations one can have with summer vacations filled with traveling around the world, diving among exotic fish in the depth of the sea and joy you can have only in summer. Such packaging is impossible not to fall in love with and not to buy if you were looking for a piece of make-up. Take a look at whole range of this collection and its packaging here.

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass by Urban Decay

Urban Decay has also come up with some stunning packaging design for one of its latest collections. However, the inspiration was taken not from the usual summer colors an associations but from the movie we saw this summer on a big screen “Alice Through the Looking Glass” which resulted in collection named after it.

Both graphical and structural design deserve special attention with mix of bright colors and black background unmistakably taking us in our mind to the fairy tale adventures and filling with sense of mystery and romance. Take a look at this small but nevertheless wonderful collection here.

3. Good Luck Trolls by M·A·C

The last but not the least we would like to mention new collection by MAC inspired by… trolls. No, not the big and scary beasts but tiny little creatures with bright hair and smiles on their faces. As it is stated on MAC website, “the wild-haired dolls bring their rainbow tufts, bejewelled bellies and lucky charms to M·A·C Good Luck Trolls — a crazy-hued collection as silly as the creatures themselves”. Packaging, simple in shapes but bright in colors, will definitely MAC products stand out on your shelf. Get inspiration from this collection here.

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