TurnAvisual is an online 3D platform which can be used from any part of the planet and is meant to connect packaging manufacturers, brand owners and designers in their packaging design process no matter where they are at the moment.

TurnAvisual is very excited that now two companies from Oceania have added themselves to our manufacturer’s list and are ready to use TurnAvisual to their’s and their customer’ advantage.

Becoming Global - TurnAvisual Expands to Oceania


The first one which has decided to use online 3D mock-up solution is BioPak which is focused on implementing sustainable plant-based packaging solutions aimed to replace packaging made from non-renewable resources. BioPak makes paper cups, trays and containers produced from materials with least environmental impact. You can read more about BioPak here.

Becoming Global - TurnAvisual Expands to Oceania


Second company we were talking about is Garden City Plastics which is one of the Australian biggest manufacturer and supplier of plastic pots, tubes, tubs, trays, hanging baskets, and flower pot containers. You can take a look at Garden City Plastics’ website for more information here.

Both of these companies have already added some of their models to TurnAvisual 3D library and are ready to use online 3D visualisation tool to create 3D packaging mock-ups which can be esily shared with their customers and colleagues.


Would you like to add your packaging to our library as well? Then send us a message!

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