As the 2016 has come to an end, January is the best time to get ready for new year and adjust your strategies in accordance with emerging trends. Some of them have already established themselves in 2016 and keep going strong for the 2017, while others are only coming to light and can become a game changer for the whole packaging industry.

To help you save a bit of time we have carefully selected several trends and sources you should check to make sure you stay updated with new developments and are prepared to use innovative approaches to present your products and packaging in the new year.

1. Mobile engaged packaging

5 Carefully Selected Packaging Trends in 2017With smart phones taking over the world, packaging becomes a new channel for personalized interaction with customers. With only one tap consumers can get all necessary information about the product, participate in a contest or leave a review.

This ensures constant communication between a brand and customers providing instant feedback from the market and making it one of the main packaging trends in 2017.

2. Simplicity of graphic design and thumbnail optimization


Even in beauty packaging, which is often dominated by complicated graphics to transfer the feeling of elegance, simple designs with clear fonts become more dominant. Such designs help a product to stand out on shelves creating associations with something clean, fresh and natural which is an important factor for attracting healthy lifestyle oriented population.

Moreover, such designs look better when decreased to the size of a thumbnail in online webshops helping customers to improve their e-commerce experience and make faster decisions regarding the purchase.

3. Experiencing packaging through material

5 Carefully Selected Packaging Trends in 2017

One of the most interesting packaging trends in 2017 will be using raw materials whether it is wood or even ceramics. Raw materials like these give the feeling of something sophisticated but natural at the same time.

Eco-friendly packaging and products it contains is one of the key demands among modern consumers concerned about global food and packaging waste. Packaging made of raw materials is often the best choice for such type of customers.

4. Brand extension through packaging design

Many brands search to diversify the line of their products and packaging design can be a great tool to maintain brand recognition. One of the great examples is Christian Louboutin nail polish collection. To sustain the way the brand is perceived the bottle for the nail polish was made with a very high cap reminding famous Louboutin stilettos. Thus brand has successfully increased their product range while reinforcing their image through brilliant packaging design.

5. 3D DIY visualisation

Shorter production cycles require increasing speed-to-market. One of already established ways to release a product on the market faster is to use digital printing for packaging which gives high customization and personalisation possibilities. However, even when using digital print it is important to focus on avoiding mistakes which can lead to missed deadlines, increased costs and frustrated customers. Using 3D visualisation to create packaging mock-ups is one of the best ways to make sure your customers are getting what they expected when sending their artwork to print.

ardagh_group_3d_studioTraditional approach to creating 3D has been used already for a while but more and more packaging manufacturers switch to new, innovative way to offer 3D packaging service to their customers. That is a DIY 3D studio that allows customers to create 3D mock-ups themselves anywhere and any time without any 3D software download or special skills needed. One of such manufacturers is Ardagh Group. Ardagh has got its own 3D studio last year. You can read more about it and watch a video in Packaging News.

TurnAvisual is able to provide packaging manufacturers, brand owners and design agencies with same type of studio. You can get all information from our free online 3D studio guide.

These were the packaging trends we wanted to mention in this article. Is there anything you think we missed? Then let us know, we are always happy to have a talk with you!


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